Injecting liquidity into conventionally
illiquid markets

Unbroken chain of custody from off-chain to on-chain

Securely store your assets off-chain with custodians approved by Rooba Finance. We have deployed a strong audit and compliance framework to ensure that minted tokens precisely correspond to respective underlying assets and are accurately redeemed.

Rooba enables financial institutions to create primary offerings of assets introduced onto a blockchain.

Tokenize real world assets


Digitisation of real-world assets enables their fractionalization and subsequent  trade on-chain. Trade in commodity derivatives such as gold, silver, and platinum options.

Real Estate

Enable divisibility of non-divisible assets. Our in-house tokenisation service enables fractionalisation of immovable property, creating unique investment opportunities never witnessed before.


Securitisation by way of tokenization. With encrypted securities now a reality, trade of securities has never been more secure. Our platform provides settlement of trades in real-time and precludes double-spending.

Why Tokenize?