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Tokenize, Self-Custody and Trade digital assets
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Rooba's Offerings

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Recreating markets block by block

Rooba’s stage-by-stage elimination of redundancies
and inefficient processes from a trade’s life cycle.


Counterparties, regulators and market researchers are assured complete transparency through verification of holdings. Our robust pre-trade processes ensure transparency through verification of holdings. Our automated KYC/KYB and AML checks make for zero counterparty risks and quick onboarding.

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Secure transaction mapping accomplished in real-time provides for immediate settlement and irrefutable data.

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Regular reporting and supervision of the entire market is made redundant due to the presence of an immutable transaction database. Multiple rounds of cross-system reconciliation are obviated.

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Security Services

Rooba enables financial institutions to create primary issuance of assets they wish to introduce directly onto a blockchain using our tokenization engine. We enable automation and deduplication of processes through rich, standardized databases, easing verifiability of the chain of custody.

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Rooba’s bespoke white glove service offers an array of integrated capabilities enabling our clients to navigate the rapidly changing financial ecosystem with unerring confidence. Our premium support service is available round the clock.
*Rooba Prime Plus only available in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
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We enable our clients
to manage and trade their digital assets

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