Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is blockchain?
What is Distributed Ledger Technology?
What is asset tokenization? Is it any different from securitization or fractional ownership?
What sorts of assets can be tokenized on the Rooba Tokenization Engine?
What do tokens mean?
What is custody?
What are smart contracts?
Are blockchain and cryptocurrency identical?

Frequently Asked Questions - Beta Program

Why is Rooba conducting a Beta Program?
Can a VPN be used to access a beta program?
Why can't I log in after getting the email stating that my account has been verified?
What is a Metamask? How to connect to a wallet?
I can’t connect to MetaMask on my browser? I have downloaded Metamask, but I don’t know where it is?
Can I use my faucet tokens or Rooba tokens in my Metamask wallet on another blockchain trading platform?
How are you choosing the initial beta program participant? What are the documents needed for the verification?
What is KYC? What is KYB? Where will my documents be stored?
What if I am an individual? Do I still need to submit documents for KYB?
What email ID should be used to sign up?
Why does my KYC status say that it is pending or rejected?
What is a fund? How do I create a fund?
Why is a transaction policy necessary?
Who is an administrator and who is an approver?
How many approvers can I add?
How do I approve a transaction ?
How many funds can I create?
Why can I not see funds on which I have been added as an approver?

There can be multiple reasons for you not able to see the funds.                                                                      

Who makes the decision as to the proper approval threshold and how?
What is an ether?
How do I get Matic Test tokens? (LINK USER GUIDE - wallet)
What are Matic Test Tokens used for?
What trade functionalities can I access on the Rooba’s Beta Program ?

Users can access following trade functionalities:                                                                                                    

How do I create a smart contract?
What makes a smart contract different from a traditional contract?
How is the token price determined?
Will Rooba be able to predict the price of digital assets in the future?
Does the platform support Token swaps?
Who is eligible to mint tokens on the Rooba Beta program?
Why does Rooba use Polygon’s blockchain?
Will there be a bug bounty program?
Will Rooba be able to access my location at any time?