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Unleash your trading potential

Rooba’s innovative, ground-breaking approach to digital asset trading delivers unassailable blockchain security and fast finality while complying with regulations. Enjoy the user experience of traditional finance on Web 3; we replicate legacy business policies aiding the customer-transition process.

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Smart contracts - the future of trade

Our turnkey trading platform executes trade terms seamlessly via smart contracts. Users benefit from zero counterparty risk, fast finality, high security and low transaction costs.

Regulatory Compliance

We keep abreast of existing and forthcoming regulations in the space to ensure regulatory compliance. Our platform features a swift, automated client onboarding process. KYC/KYB/KYT authentication is mandatory for all participants, including validators.
AML Compliance
Automated inspections of transactions as  defined by preset transaction policies. Suspicious transactions are promptly identified and removed. An immutable
ledger also creates a transparent auditing framework.

One-stop-shop for all your trading needs

Rooba Exchange, powered by our own Comet Network, is an all-encompassing trading solution. Create, back test and execute profitable trades.

Trade in spots, futures, options and forwards. Access Defi pools and market makers.

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