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The Future of finance is now live !

Rooba is elated to announce the beta launch of our full-stack comprising of our Tokenization, Self-Custody and Trade platforms.

Welcome to India's First Tokenization Platform!

 Tokenize, Custody & Trade on Blockchain

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Rooba Mint

Tokenize commodities, securities, real estate  and other real world assets via the Rooba tokenization engine ensuring unbroken chain of custody from off-chain (Real world) to on-chain (Blockchain).

Rooba Vault

Secure, role based self custody solutions

Move your assets onto our smart contract-based multi-sig custody platform. We offer the most secure platform to enable self-custody of your real world asset tokens

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Rooba Trade

One stop marketplace to Buy/Sell/Lend/Borrow

Rooba’s innovative, ground-breaking approach to digital asset trading delivers unassailable blockchain security and fast finality while complying with regulations. Rooba enables a marketplace for traditionally non-tradable assets thereby injecting liquidity into traditionally illiquid markets.

How the Rooba ecosystem works

<img src="RoobaPlatform.png" alt="Rooba Platform Flow">
1. KYC and KYB
Institutions and individual users alike must complete our onboarding processes including KYB/KYC, creditworthiness assessment and compliance checks in order to become part of the Rooba ecosystem.
2. Wallet Creation
Administrators begin their journey by creating a multi-sig encrypted digital asset wallet and finalizing wallet workflow and signing policies.
3. Depositing Physical Assets
Physical assets or legal documents proving asset-ownership are deposited with a Rooba approved custodian. The custodian then generates a deposit certificate corresponding to custodied assets.
4. Tokenization Engine
Tokens are minted on the basis of deposit certificates issued by the custodian and are automatically reflected in user wallets.
5. Trade Centre
The true utility of our tokenization process lies in enabling our multifunction Trade Centre which allows multiple institutions and investors to buy and sell the tokenized assets.
6. Physical Redemption
To physically redeem tokenized assets, users need only hit the redeem button to burn the token(s). The custodian will then release the assets off-chain.

Benefits of Tokenization


Rooba’s bespoke white glove service offers an array of integrated capabilities enabling our clients to navigate the rapidly changing financial ecosystem with unerring confidence. Our premium support service is available round the clock.
*Rooba Prime Plus only available in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.
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Join the Financial Revolution Now!

This decade is set to witness an exponential rise in the use of blockchain-based asset tokenization, with almost 16 Trillion USD or approximately 10% of the global GDP expected to be transacted using DLT.

Contact us using the link below to know learn about our game-changing infrastructure and devise a digital asset strategy for your organisation.

Join the Revolution